Get to know our company

As a consequence of the changing agricultural market Mr. Luis Ferral Castellano, farmer with more tan 60 years of experience (working in the sector) and his son Alexis and daughter Maria del Mar decided to change the course of their farming business, which until now had been focused on other crops.

The experience of the father combined with the innovative spirit of the younger generation inspired the project which today is a reality.

The company FERSA OLIVO created by this traditional farming family is the business which today offers the extra virgin olive oil FERRAL, a delight to your palate.

It was after an intense period of planning, land preparation, and the construction of an irrigation reservoir when in 2008 and 2009 a total of 40 hectares were planted with 66,000 arbequina olive trees.

The trees were planted and nursed with the care and dedication at the hands of a down to earth farmer, A full two years later the FERRAL family began to reap the benefits of their labour by harvesting the small oil-rich arbequina olives.

Simply growing the olives wasn’t enough for the FERRAL family. They felt compelled to complete the cycle by processing, transforming and marketing their olives as oil.

The excellent quality of oil derived from the successive harvests prompted the family to make the final pass, bottling and marketing the finished product under their own brand.
Today the company FERSA OLIVO offers its clients exquisite oil that provides you with a small measure of intensive Andalucianflavour.